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Exquisite Airbrushing is located near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Spectacular Airbrush art and graphics at a budget price.  Specialising in airbrushed helmets, bikes, cars, trucks, vans and utes, portraits, landscapes and fantasy art.

Paint that makes you go WOW!!!!


Because colour is the first thing you see

Exquisite Airbrushing is owned and operated by world-renowned artist Jeff Elliot.

Email Me: exquisiteairbrushing@gmail.com 03 62612995 Phone or email and ask me about time scales and prices

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Colour is the first thing you see.

About Exquisite Airbrushing

If youíve been here before, youíll know that Iím the sole person responsible for painting everything on this site.

There are lots of nice photos for everybody to look at, and they should all suit most ages. None of them are too rude! Iíve been airbrushing since the mid 70ís on every continent except Antarctica (any interest from there is welcome too!) and my clients are any one that loves airbrushing, from any walk of life, be they multinational corporations or private individuals. My work has been seen in art galleries, magazines, television, newspaper articles, books, exhibitions and shows around the world. Iíve even airbrushed live on the radio . . . twice!

The site has been going now for a little over 8 years and Iím glad to say itís had a tremendous response. Thank you everybody who has taken the time to look.

What I do, and donít do!

My time as an artist is very limited (no, Iím not going to die just yet, I hope Ė itís just that my time is very precious to me.) Youíre paying for me to do what Iím good at Ė being an artist. So hereís the deal: I work on my own in a shed/studio. I airbrush, lay on nice colours. I do landscapes and portraits, fantasy and photo-realism. I donít do racism or graphic violence.

I operate a one stop service where I prefer to do everything from prep work to clear, and everything between. However if you are already working with a body shop, I am willing to work in conjunction with them as well.

Iíll do signs, if theyíre art-orientated as opposed to words/letters; they are all done with airbrush, and paint, then sealed in 2 pak clear so they will not fade. They look as good 10 years down the track as they did the day they left my studio (see the ďothersĒ section). I donít use vinyl, computer aided design, computer cutters, or plotters; itís just me, with a few colours of paint, an airbrush and over 35 years of experience.

Iíve stopped doing the inside of buildings, due to ventilation and paint pollution problems. However, I can do panels at my premises which I can directly apply to any flat walls of any size. See the Others section. If you can get it in the studio, which is large enough for a full size prime mover, or boat on a trailer, I will paint it.

When presenting a vehicle to me, it must be in fairly good condition , almost ready to paint.

Painting over dents does not hide them. I donít fit body kits, do accident or body repairs, rust removal, engine removals or take factory stickers off sport bikes. All of this must be done before the vehicle is presented to me. If itís a bike, I only need the parts you want painted: eg, tanks, guards, fairings, frames. I will do small repairs like car park dings and scuffs, as part of prep work.

Bodywork and removal of stickers (decals) is $1000 an hour if you insist, and Iím crap at it, so Iíd advise you to get somebody else to do it! Also see above.

All of my work is freehand. I prefer to work in a realism style, which Iíve been doing since the mid 70ís, and this style works well for me.

If you have something specific in mind, please supply good quality reference material, either in person or via the internet. This also applies for fine art and portraits. I personally have quite a substantial photo library of images you can choose from, which may help your situation. 


Yes, anything I airbrush I can repair.

Yes, I send internationally.

Yes, Iím busy, but I can always fit you in. If you want to know when I can fit you in, please contact me Ė donít ask your mate.

No, I donít do one colour re-sprays (ie, itís not a smash repair shop.)

Yes, I can help you if youíre undecided about a design.

Yes, it can be covered by insurance if you go to the right company.

No, sorry, Iím unable to offer employment or apprenticeships.


The best helmets to paint on are either white or black. Try to get a single colour lid, and preferably not red, because that will bleed through and not look nice. Please make sure they are in reasonable condition and have an Australian Standards label stitched into the lining. If I have to use bog to repair it then itís not safe to put on your head. However if it has sentimental value to you and you would like it for a show piece then Iím happy to help. Helmets can be done in any design, either free hand airbrushed, hard edge graphics with pin line, or a combination of both. Helmets cost between $14 and $22 to send standard mail from anywhere in Australia, which I will refund from the final bill. I will do any custom design on any helmet to match any race wear, any vehicle being raced, or any design that youíve seen or have come up with on your own. I like to give helmets at least 3 days to dry before posting. Please consider this when ordering for deadlines (birthdays, Christmas, race days, etc.) Payments for helmets can be made in person at collection or via electronic bank transfer, for postal service.



I seem to be painting ever increasing numbers of custom bikes, which I enjoy. Nothing looks better than a bike when all the paint matches, which is why I do frames as well as tanks and guards. Prices for such jobs start at $2250 Ė thatís all painting from priming bare metal to killer clear on top. That would include frame, all brackets, swing arm, bars, tank/s, oil tank, front and rear guard. All you have to do is get them sand blasted or I can even have that contracted for you, and Iíll even paint a helmet to match your bike free of charge. I do many interstate bikes, which follow the same rules as helmets for payment and shipping times. Tank and guard sets can be sent interstate by courier for as little as $40.


Even though cars should be presented to me in a reasonable condition, eg, body kits fitted, no dents or panel damage or rust, they donít have to have an absolute mint paint job.  That is, they donít have to have been recently resprayed.  Factory paint is a pretty good base for any airbrushing.  If youíre considering paying $4000 - $6000 for a colour change on your vehicle, this may be wasted money if itís going to be airbrushed on top.  A completely airbrushed car finished in 2K including inside the doors would start at around $2500, so that might be something for you to consider. 



The mainstay of my business is top end airbrushing, however I understand that some people that commission airbrushing may not want, nor need a fully detailed show winning design, nor have a mega budget, which is why one of the first things I ask about are intended use, and price range you are looking at. If you are after something just for you on your everyday driver or ride that isnít loaded with detail, then it can be done at a cheaper price than an award winning all singing all dancing fully detailed counterpart. After all, I can get round a full size prime mover in 10 days from about $2700.

Payment for anything over $1000 is half upfront and half at the end of the job. The prices are in Australian dollars, and they go like this:

At the present, I still charge AUD$ 44 an hour, but because Iím nice, I usually throw in a few hours for free Ė but donít tell anybody. Material costs consist of the following:

Sanding, masking, primer, colour and clearcoat, and starts at:

Helmets $60
Bonnets $120
Front of cars $160
Bikes, tanks, guards $150
Tailgates of utes $100
Whole cars $800
Vans $900
Tautliner rear doors $350 *
Cab over trucks $800 *
Bonneted trucks $1000 *
Bonneted trucks with sleeper $1200 *


Over the years Iíve done quite a few portraits and landscapes on canvases, but as theyíre very personal items, theyíre therefore not displayed without the ownersí consent, regardless of how famous they are. There are some celebrity renditions scattered around the site; prices for single person portraits start at $600 (900 x 600 mm canvas.) Posting and handling to anywhere in Australia for that size is $45. I need at least 4 weeks notice for a deadline on portraits and landscapes. Again, good photographic references are essential.


Beware of people saying they can teach you to airbrush. Showing you a few quick tricks for a couple of hundred dollars wonít get you far - an airbrush is just a tool to apply paint. Half an hour with one in your hand will tell you if you can do it or not, and if you want to put in a couple of thousand hours practice after that, you might make it.

If youíre really interested Iíll give you a shot and quick chat free of charge.

Colour is the first thing you see.

My contact details:

If you would like to contact me you can do so at:

exquisiteairbrushing@gmail.com  or exairbrush@gmail.com

61+03 62 612995

I would love to hear from you if you have any comments, or work for me, or just want to know anything about airbrushing.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site.

A big thanks to Gary Alan for creating this website (www.galanweb.com)

Jeff Elliot

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